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supergifs's Journal

Supernatural Gif Community
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Supernatural Gifs
Welcome to supergifs! Your Supernatural Gif community.

What can be posted here?

* Gifs, gifs banners and gif icons.

* Gif recs. (If you a reccing a gif or gif set please make sure you provide a link to the original source. This is VERY IMPORTANT)!

* Links to your own gifs or gifspams.

* Tutorials on how to make gifs

* Gif searches

* Questions related to gifs and gif making.

* Gif requests


Please credit the source when you are posting other people's work (a link the original post would be ideal).

Please tag all your posts. If a tag doesn't exist please inform us and we will create one.

When posting large gifs only put one outside a lj cut tag (maximum 500 x 500). The rest should go under a cut.

When posting animated icons post a small selection (6 maximum) outside a cut.

Unlike Tumblr we do not have a size limit - (though we do recommend that they are no larger than 2mb).

Be polite!